About us

We are a Salon, Health and Beauty Marketplace, solosalon as a company is built on three pillars in which we offer our services.

  • Users: Our app enables users to discover a wide range of service near you, make appointment that fit your schedules, purchase products, pay online or cash, rate service provides, and earn reward points on completed appointment and friends referrals.
  • Service providers: Upon subscription, our app enables service providers to connect and manage old and new customers who may require your service, help provider to manage their appointment calendar by increasing turn up which effectively increases income, manage products and staff and puts you in complete control of your money.
  • Charity: As one of our pillars, we take pride in our commitment to support charity organisation. By using our app, you are effectively supporting our cause towards charities organisations around the world.

Our aims are to connect users to service providers, promote businesses through exposure and management.

Solosalon best App when it comes to Salon, Health and Beauty Marketplace